There are two types of Communication. They are as follows:

This type of communication can be held between close friends, family or relatives. Here we do not need to speak, behave or act formally. We can openly share our views and opinions. This is a person’s personal domain. Where a person can act as himself/herself  throughout the meeting or a get together. Here a person can talk freely without composing any sort of act without any pressure.

Humans need to stay intact socially and physically to be in touch. To keep up with the world. But it is only possible when we communicate properly. Humbleness and kind words are what attracts people to us.

  1. We can formally and informally share our thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes to make people understand it in an easier way.
  2. To build a certain relationship, either formal or informal we need an effective communication.
  3. Interaction between people makes us understand their views, plans and strategies, which is quite an important factor in day-to-day life.
  4. Vocalising our joys and sorrows helps to strengthen our personality and also helps us to go through pain and pleasure.
  5. Communicating with people leads us to our desire. Which we can’t get easily.
  6. It increases our knowledge and changes the way of perspective. Talking to elders or talking to our superior changes the way of our thinking as they share their experiences.
  7. It boosts our confidence, in order to share our views and opinions in front of people without even stuttering.

There are many types of ways through which we can communicate with people.
Some ways are as follows:

  1. Non-verbal communication:

This type of communication deals with people’s facial reactions, body language, our tone and posture. It is an effective way of communicating with people and seeing through their emotions. We can understand their behavioural aspects. And can also understand to communicate with them.

  1. Verbal communication:

Verbal communication deals with words spoken or written verbally. Text messages, e-mails and letters fall under the written type of verbal communication.
Whereas, face-to-face interactions, phone calls, voicemails fall under spoken type of verbal communication.

  1. Interpersonal communication:

Interpersonal communication not only deals with verbal communication but also deals with non-verbal communication. It can be done with face-to-face interactions, text messages, or phone calls. This totally depends on the person, maintaining formal and informal relationships between partners.

  1. Electronic communication:

This type of communication was ideally introduced for people who live across the world. To communicate with others rapidly, digital technology has attracted millions and billions of audiences. With the help of social media, internet and electronic devices we can spread messages within seconds. A wide range of people exchange and share information through electronic communication.

  1. Mass communication:

Mass communication is the only way we can connect with a large amount of audience. Media, newspapers, television, radio and the internet fall under this type of communication. Conveying messages through mass communication has been a lot easier today.

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