What Is Cyber Security???


The practice of securing data, networks, programs and systems is known as CYBERSECURITY. The one who practices it, prevents cyber attackers from assessing, destroying, using and changing any sensitive information stored in our devices. Cybersecurity ensures us to protect sensitive and confidential files/information.

We need cybersecurity to protect us from illegal acts, which is going under the nose of the government without having any idea about it. Thus, a successful cybersecurity has many layers of protection for networks, computers, systems, and programs. And of course many other devices.

  1. A user should be aware of CYBERSECURITY. And should know thoroughly about it.
  2. A user should know both negative and positive perspectives of  his/her acts. Being careful is the only way of survival on social sites. Otherwise consequences would be worse.
  3. Taking an initiative by complying with basic data security.
  4. Not sharing our personal info and bank details or better any details can save you from various crimes.
  5. A user should be aware of not sharing his/her OTP with anyone to prevent attackers from assessing your data, files, and other sensitive contents.
  6. Giving courtesy to third party applications can be the biggest threat, which can lead you to various types of frauds not even knowing about it.
  7. An immediate action on any peculiar activities can save you from both time and money.
  8. We can’t prevent cyber attackers from attacking people, but we can make people aware of various ways to protect ourselves from cyber attackers. One of them would be two step authentication. In which, verification is done by two steps to know that it’s “YOU” who is using this site. And the info would  be saved for any other further use.
  9. Choose a strong password with the help of letters, symbols and digits to have only access to your account. And do not forget to save your I’d name and address, in case you forget it.
  10. Enabling backup can be one of the finest of a chore to save your time and bring back lost files and authentic information. This is the easiest way to get in touch with our gone data.
  11. Always add an attachment in e-mails. It’s a life saving way to have access to your data.
  12. Be aware of various types of verification methods to know that it’s YOU who are using this site or account.

In the business world, we come across various people, partners, shareholders and delegates. We can’t trust everyone around us. In short, we need to act like professionals to ensure the safety of  our company. A strong firewall is built in order to manage authentic information regarding marketing plans, company strategies, meetings, information regarding shareholders, delegates or partners, and many more. A PR team is to be set for an owner, chairman or CEO in order to handle such tasks on a daily basis.

  1. It’s hard to trust any new partner, shareholder, employee or delegates in any firms or company. So in order to not leak any information, make them sign an agreement of a particular period of time. Nevertheless keep each and every copy saved in e-mails and attachments.
  2. Creating a strong firewall is one of the finest ways to protect the insights of any company.
  3. A company builds a certain type of reputation during a certain period of time. So, in order to maintain the reputation we need to earn loyal customers. And it can be earned by showing them how efficiently the company is protected.
  4. We should not respond to any of the cyber attackers in order to prevent bankruptcy. Because, people on daily basis comments or pass rumours on companies which are getting better day by day. It can also lead us to heavy losses in revenue causing business disruption.
  5. Stay updated on software, firewalls, antiviruses and security features to stay defensive as much as possible.
  6. In cases like cybersecurity breach, we should act wisely to such an issue. Shut down all infected systems and other devices of the same network.
  7. Protect the personal data. Because it can not only harm you but also can harm your customers. Do not compromise in such situations, and take an immediate action towards it, by taking appropriate security measures.
  8. A strong firewall is needed to secure all the data as well as to track down peculiar acts like hacking or breaching.
  9. At last make sure to repair the damaged networks and systems to avoid further consequences. And also, protect any corporate information.

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